The Essential Skin Care Equipment

By being the largest organ in the body, the skin has a huge job and that is to protect our body from direct harmful factors by filtering and sheltering it from cold, wind, rain and sun. However, along the years all these factors take a toll on the skin and we develop wrinkles, aging signs, dryness and other imperfections depending on your skin type.

Here is some essential skin care equipment that can help you take care of your skin in the comfort of your home to maintain it looking and feeling young and radiant.

Everyday Essentials

So you know that you must moisturize everyday in order to maintain the skin’s elasticity and hydration however, did you know that your skin cells die and need to be removed? Therefore, an essential skin care equipment is a shower brush, which you can use on a weekly basis or if required every second day in order to exfoliate and renew the skin of your entire body. There are many types of exfoliating brushes from the types that fit like gloves to others that are used to massage your entire body and thus, create better blood circulation as well.

Another everyday essential skin care equipment is a magnifying mirror through which you should inspect and clean your face on a daily basis especially at the end of each day when your face and neck would have gone through a whole day of dust, pollution and other factors that could block your pores and cause many damages in the process. You can find such mirrors in any department or drug store and most of them have a built-in light as well for a better vision.

Other Essential Skin Care Equipment

At least once a month you should take the time to cleanse your face at a deeper level then you do with a daily cleanser and toner and for that you need the skin care equipment known as steamer for the face and neck. The steamer will help open all your pores and then you can take a closer look in the magnifying mirror to cleanse your face of the impurities, which you will see as black heads.

You need to use the steamer as indicated for at least 10 to15 minutes for the pores to open completely and enable you to clean them thoroughly. If you are however, suffering from any heart diseases or high blood pressure it is not recommended you use this skin care equipment at home alone. Try to visit a beautician at least once a month for the same process to be done in a professional way with better skin care equipment that will not have quite the same effect on your present health condition.