Essential Skin Care Tips

Voluntarily or not, we expose our skin to the sun every day. Even though we love and enjoy the warmth, it is probably one of the most damaging elements for our skin. The rain, wind and daily pollutants such as car smoke, chemical and fumes present in the air that we are not even aware exist also play a role in damaging the natural beauty of our skin. Here are some skin care tips that will help your skin face all these factors everyday and provide you with a glowing, young look.

What You Should Know about Your Skin

The first skin care tip is that there are various types of skin and finding out which types you have will help you take care of it better. There are four main skin types and they are: dry, normal to combination, oily and sensitive. Each skin type requires precise skin care that if applied wrong will irritate it further and not deliver the desired results. For example, if you apply a normal cream on sensitive skin you could develop a rash soon and thus, damage your look instead of improving it.

In order to find out your skin type you can consult a skin therapist, a dermatologist or a beautician in any department store who will be only too happy to assist. Simple tests will be able to determine your skin type and you will then be able to apply the right treatment in order to have radiant and young looking skin at all times.

Daily Essential Care

The second skin care tip is that your skin needs to be taken care of everyday without exception and here are some essential steps. Due to the fact that the sun is our biggest enemy we need to ensure that we wear a sun protective cream of at least 15 SPF at all times. This can block the ultraviolet rays but still allow the goodness of the vitamins to get through.

A daily moisturizer for the face and body is a must, which should be applied every morning after your shower. At the end of the day you must perform an equally important ritual and that is of cleaning your face of the dirt and bacteria that was exposed to for the entire day. To clean your face you need to use a cleanser first on the face and neck and then a toner without alcohol, which will refresh and revitalize it.

After the cleansing is done you need to ensure that your face and body receives the required ingredients to replenish and rejuvenate just as you body and mind does during the night time and therefore you must provide it with a night cream as well.

Important Skin Care Tip

With age, the skin looses its elasticity and glow especially on the face, neck and hands, which unfortunately are the most exposed to damaging factors of the weather and other elements. Therefore we must ensure that we take extra care of these parts by providing specially designed creams for them such as, eye wrinkle creams, eye gels and hand creams.

To get more skin care tips, contact a beautician or dermatologist who will be happy to work with you in order to find the right skin care that will provide you with desired results.